CD label maker

Print a cover for your home recorded DVD's. Use your favorite wedding photo as a CD or DVD cover. Make a cover of your band's CD. Baby Pictures, birthdays and special occassions. Or just a quick, standard cover with the contents neatly printed, for future reference. The posibilities are endless.

It comes with it's own art library containing themes such as Rock, Country, Jazz, Techno, Valentine, Birthday and several others for special events.

Or you can use your own artwork or photgraphs, with the art browse feature. Once you've found an image that you want to add to your label, just click on its thumbnail image to add it to your label.

Make a CD Label Menu
The art search feature will search your computer for artwork or photographs and automatically import them to the art library.

You can also drag image files from Windows Explorer and drop them onto your label, or paste them from the clipboard.

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