by Mike Hodge

A Word about Un-solicited Email (Spam)
How to Handle Spam | Volume 1 | August 29, 2007
Do you get a lot of spam, hawking everything from Viagra to Replica Watches (and everything between)? It is becoming increasingly more difficult to give out your email address, for fear of getting spammed. In this newsletter, you will be provided a few guidelines to watch for.

One of the most prevalant kind of spam is harvested from the Internet by Spam Bots. These bots scour the web looking for any kind of email address. All email addresses are entered into a data base for future spamming or sold to spammers. Usually this type of email will not even have your name for the addressee. It will have a made up name, and a fake return address. A spammer may send out millions of emails with various names and subjects, to see which ones make it through spam filters. It is very important that you do not click on any link in this kind of email. It may take you to a site that will install a back door trojan on your computer to collect more information from you, and possibly gain complete control of your computer. This can be bad unless your computer enjoys that kind of stuff. The absolute worst thing to do is to respond to this type of email. The bots do not detect if the email address is valid, so don't even click on the unsubscribe link, because this will let the spammers know that it is a live email address. It is always best to just delete these. The worst threat circulating now is an email stating that someone has sent you an ecard. They appear to be sent from a trusted website and imply that a friend has sent you an ecard. If you click on it, or open an attached file, a virus will be installed. It is estimated that 23 million computers have been affected, so far. Experts claim that this is the worst that they have seen, and it is still circulating on the Internet.

Another kind of spam is when you give out your email address to a website to get a free product or service. Some of these sites will sell your email address, which can mean tons of more spam. Also, they may belong to a list service that may have several other businesses they represent, which will result in all of these other businesses sending email. These are safer to unsubscribe to, if it is a well known business, but we wish that this practice was stopped. It is surprising that many large and prominent businesses use this technique, when it is not necessary.

One of the ways to avoid giving out your email is by using a new site on the web called "Ten Minute Email". It is a free service, and it is good for ten minutes and then expires. I highly recommend their service. You can get it by Clicking Here

We get about 1000 spam emails a day at Computer Products Unlimited because at one time our email address was listed on all our web pages in case anyone needed to contact us. Even with our spam filters, about 200 a day get through. We must scrutinize each one before deleting, to make sure it is not a legitimate request from one of our website customers. (Anybody that operates a website is aware of this problem) Unfortunately, we had to stop putting a clickable email link on our web pages, and the person wishing to contact us has to type the email address in themselves. This is the reason that some websites ask you to type in numbers and letters from an image to submit a form. They will know that it is a real person and not a spam bot.

If everybody ignored unsolicited emails, they would go away. For some reason, people will take the bait and keep the spammers in businness.

At Computer Products, we tremendously value our visitors. We do not sell or share information with anybody...period. When we request your email address for our sevices, we even offer to let you use our email address to complete the step to receive the product you want! It doesn't matter to us if you use a free email sevice at Yahoo, MSN, Ten Minute Email or anywhere else, because we understand that people wish to be free from worry of receiving spam and the right to protect their privacy. You can safely unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time. Our mailing list is for the sole benefit of our website visitors. It is important to us that people who visit our site have an enjoyable experience, and most of all, return if they see a need that we can meet. We have been in business for several years, and quickly learned that the best customers are the ones that are "regulars" . They should receive special treatment, otherwise they would become a "regular" at another business. We wish to create a bond in which you may trust us, and in turn become a "regular".

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Computer Products has launched a new toolbar available for download. A feature that we offer uses coupon codes which feature special deals for a limited time period, on line only. By Installing our toolbar, you will be able to view the coupon codes at any time with one click. Catch these incredible deals before the coupon expires. The toolbar also comes with RSS Feeds including news, finance, stocks, sports, several radio channels, games, a pop up blocker, gadget bar (sticky notes, puzzles, calander, etc.) and much more. It will also check your email accounts (including Yahoo Gmail and MSN) for new messages without having to log in. You can launch applications such as note pad and Outlook Express. It contains no adware or spyware. It is a real time saver and best of all, it is free! You can get it by clicking here Free Toolbar

Time for a Laugh

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