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"When I ordered the Video, I thought it would be complicated to understand. Being that I'm new to computers, I was amazed at how much I learned! If someone would of told me a year ago that I would be able to troubleshoot the most difficult problems all by myself, I would of not believed them!
Tracy Heller

"I was getting ready to buy a new computer because the one I had started to boot up slow and run slow, and then I came across this Video. I decided to try it and I'm so glad that I did, not only did it make this computer work 10 times faster then when I purchased it new but I was also able to take a 6 year old computer and fix it up like new, all by myself! I truly appreciate it!"
John R.

"As a small business owner, this video made a world of difference to me. I used to call a computer technician at least once a week to the office for different computer problems. Now, after watching this video, I rarely have to call him, and this saves me time and money. Thank You."
Robert Smith

"I got this video for my son who is 14 years old son. You guys did a great job explaining the most complicated sounding things in a way that everyone could understand! The next day, my son replaced a faulty motherboard, cleaned up my hard drive, and fixed a serious Spyware issue my computer had!"
Lisa Morgan

"I was about to spend $200 to add a DVD drive to my computer, but thanks to this video, I was able to do it for $40 without having to give my computer to anyone!"
J. Hager

"I wanted to add another hard drive to my computer so I could have more space for my music and videos. After watching the video, it took me less then 10 minutes to add the drive!"
Stacy McDonald

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Computer Troubleshooting Guide

You can learn the secrets that computer stores and computer manufacturers do not want you to know! Save tons of money by performing your own computer repairs. With this amazing computer training video, it will teach you everything that you need to know about computer hardware and software in order to upgrade, repair and speed up any windows based computer. How to implement Internet tips and tricks that load pages faster, and let you surf at maximum speed. You will also learn how to how to avoid Spyware installations and invasions of your privacy as you travel the Information Superhighway

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Troubleshooting PC Problems

  • How to free up lost memory, enabling your computer to run faster
  • How to correctly install additional memory, and increase your computer speed up to 100%
  • How to install new components, such as back up drives, CD Writer, or any hardware that you choose
  • How to upgrade your computer
  • How to create boot disks in the event your computer will not start

PC Troubleshooting Computer Troubleshooting Guide PC Repair Guide  PC Repair Guide
You will view up-close demonstrations on how to install computer parts, including: Motherboards, CPUs, Modems, Ethernet, Video and Sound Cards, Power Supply, Fans, Floppy drives. Hard Drives. CD-ROM Drives, and much more.

Use the PC Troubleshooting Guide to start your own business of helping others with their repair needs.

Bonus! Also receive Step by Step Instructions - "How To Build a Computer From Scratch"

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