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CD label maker

Make your own Custom CD Cover Discover the top label maker on the market. It is easy to use, yet has a ton of features, and has received rave reviews.

It comes with it's own wizard to guide you through creating a quick "I'm in a hurry" CD cover, or you can make your own custom CD/DVD cover to your specifications.

You can control the font, texts and images to your liking. It comes with it's own art library for holidays and special events, or you can import your own pictures with the image search feature and thumbnail viewer.

You can automatically import song information from virtually any other popular playlist file. Print on plain printer paper or stock sticker labels and CD jewel case templates.

CD Label Maker Features

Your Friends Will Be Impressed With Your CD/DVD Covers

Your CD covers will stand out from all others because you can control the text and images. Let your imagination go!

"I am a KJ for The Golden Nites Karaoke group. I have used label makers for over 5 years now from another company. I now use your CD Label Maker for most of my business. There are so many backgrounds and designs to choose from, much different than the one I have been using. I am so glad to have ordered this. This is a great product."
Jim Dauwe
Karaoke Jockey
The Golden Nites Karaoke
Burlington, Kentucky

This CD/DVD Label Maker is priced low compared to others, has more features, and offers you more control of your CD collection. It's time to quit marking your CD's with an ugly felt tip pen. You can become more organized and others will admire your creativity.

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