Multitrack Sound Recording

multitrack recorder

Mix your music, and record like the professional sound engineers without investing thousands of dollars.

You can have your own private studio in your home!

You'll be amazed at this feature packed, easy to use Multitrack recorder. Now, you can truly put guitar, bass, drums, piano, or whatever combination you desire on separate tracks and mix it exactly to your taste.

This amazing software is a great multi-track audio recorder that you can record your band, make a podcast, and remix a song.

It functions as two programs in one! Use it as a multi-track recorder or as a music loop remix program. As a Multitrack audio recording program, it allows you to record and play multiple tracks at one time. You can add effects such as reverb, delay, flanger or any 3rd party VSTTM or Direct XTM effects. Save and mix your recording to CD or MP3, straight to this Multitrack recording program. It supports Apple LoopsTM, Acid LoopsTM and our own custom loop format.

The Built-in Song Kits turn you loose to make your original tunes in dozens of styles to sing along or rap to. Create your own loop or extract a loop from a well known song; it's easily done! You will always be in beat. With all these features, engineers have kept the design easy- to-use and clean. Download a Free Trial Version or Buy it Today!

Audio Editor Features

Multitrack Sound Library * Loop and Sound Library

This Multitrack Recording Program includes dozens of styles and hundreds of built-in loops and sound effects. All loops automatically beat match for effortless song creation! All sounds and loops can be used royalty free!
Loop Editor
Re-mix loops from any sound or song. Detect beats and tempos from any song in 30 seconds! Customize tracks! Each track is highly customizable! Include your own images or choose from stock images bundled within this Multitrack Audio Recording Software. Pick any color and name for each track. Re-size tracks for improved editing! **Add unlimited tracks!
Record Custom Tracks
This audio recording software studio is extremely versatile and can be used as DJ loop software for re-mix or as a stand alone multi track audio recording program for your band. Record your guitars to it's own separate track.

It's designed to be user friendly and allows you to get the job done fast. It supports full undo and redo, so if you make a mistake, just undo it! Adjust the individual volume, pan to separate channels, add low and high pass filters for each sound. Split, trim, stretch the time, match the beat, or shift the pitch to any sound. Copy, paste and loop your audio to your heart's content.
Effects Galore!
In addition to the 16 included effects, this multitrack recording program supports VST and DirectX effects.The various effects include delay, reverb, compressor, limiter, phaser, auto-filter and master limiter. If we don't have the effect you are looking for, search the web for free effects!
Add unlimited effects for each track and to the master or global effects! Burn Your Own Audio CD! When you are done, burn a CD or mix it down to MP3 to pod cast it or send it to friends!

Record and create an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks. Arrange and score video files, adding transitions, visual effects, music, sound effects, and voice-overs with ease.

Includes around 6000 professionally produced music loops and sound effects in a wide variety of popular styles, from dubstep to folk rock.

Includes 11 virtual instruments, ranging from modelled vintage synthesizers to high-quality sampled acoustic instruments, and an inspiring collection of studio-quality acoustic and electric drums.

Includes 25 high quality effects, ranging from studio standards such as reverb, chorus and delay, to ultra-realistic guitar amp simulators, vintage tube EQ, vocal reduction, multi-band compression, and more.
Powerful, professional features include ReWire hosting, multi-take loop recording, time stretching and pitch shifting, support for unlimited hardware inputs and outputs, support for multi-channel VSTis, and much more.

This is a powerful music production and multi-track recording workstation that comes packed with thousands of music loops and dozens of audio effects and virtual instruments. It enables you to record audio, arrange loops, remix tracks, compose with MIDI and virtual instruments, add effects, score and edit video, and mix and master your tracks to create polished, professional compositions.

It's your music production dream come true, instantly turning your computer into a fully-stocked professional recording studio.

No Need to Pay a Lot of Money to Get Your Soundtrack Recorded and Mixed

With this combination multitrack recording program and audio recording software studio, you can be recording like the professional sound engineers while sitting at your computer, with only a small investment. Gauranteed you'll love it, or your money back.

Become the Musician You've Always Wanted to BE!

This is an incredible deal at only $74.95!

So, what are you waiting for?

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