"This electronic drum software program is great! I stumbled across it on the internet and decided to try it out. Ever since then, me and my friend have been making guitar riffs and drum beats for days on end. I just cant seem to stop producing music with it. Its the best program I've seen." -Anthony US Army Iraq

"Thanks for a great product. You made our lives easier."
Bil Lema, Keyboard Player, Crimson Tyde

"I've been a professional musician for a long time. I've played with Ace Frehley of Kiss..Dimebag Darrell of Pantera and Damage Plan.. Tommy Stewart of Godsmack.. Bill Adams of Halloween and Sponge.. Donny Allen of Halloween.. Slaughter.. and a few others. And I gotta tell ya, this drum software is impressing the hell out of me!"
- Eric VanLandingham Makes this Drum Machine scream...

"I have had this drum recording software less than 2 weeks. It is really easy to use. I have only used the help a couple of times - more to find out what it would do rather than how. It is very intuitive, and I programmed a song exactly as per the record (10 different patterns) in 4 hours or so learning the program as I went. Not bad for someone who does not know a quaver from a crotchet. Took the track to rehearsal on CD & blew the boys away. It sounds like a real kit through even a small PA and there are plenty of ways to tweak the sound if you want to."
- John Smith Australia

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Drum Software Program

Have you grown tired of trying to find the perfect drum or percussion effects? Do you have trouble getting a good mix, when recording music to separate tracks? Perhaps, it is hard finding a good drummer for your style of music. Maybe, you are an experienced drummer, but would like a more powerful mix to program with your band's sound track.

This amazing electronic drum recording software can solve all of those problems, and free you up to concentrate on the most important thing...the music.

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Record Your Albums and Tapes Digitally

Make Your Own CD/DVD Covers

Multitrack Recorder *Record Like the Professionals at a Fraction of the Cost*

DJ and Band Sound Mixing Software

Record Drum Tracks

Be prepared to experience an extremely powerful, easy to use drum machine software with the sound quality of a studio mix. Whether you are a beginner or professional, you will be impressed with the awesome dynamics and sound quality that it produces!

The main control panel is quite impressive, yet easy to use. It features an extensive library of top-quality, professional drum sounds, powerful sequencing, loop tools, and killer audio effects, all wrapped in a clean and comfortable interface with a 32 bit state-of-the-art sound engine.

You will now be able to capture the power and rhythm of the world's best drummers. From light jazz beats to crushing hip hop beats, rap beats, 4-on-the-floor, straight ahead rock and roll to time-warping electronica and progressive rock, from dance and rhythm and blues, to the edge of your imagination, this drum programing software does it all!

Percussion Effects And Features

* Unlimited drum tracks!
* Hundreds of professional-quality drum sounds and patterns  built in, including rap, hip hop, rock, dance, jazz and electronica
* Powerful-yet-easy beat pattern interface!
* Easy drag-and-drop interface for manipulating sounds and patterns!
* Advanced features including triplets, low-pass and high-pass resonant filters on every step, audio choke, reverse, rate change, and more!
* Powerful pattern sequencer with live looping controls, tempo change flags, and unlimited sequencer tracks!
* Use any WAV, MP3, WMA, or OGG file as a drum sound!
* Unlimited track-level and global effects, including reverb, delay, flanger, distortion, and more!

* Render patterns, sequences, and loops to WAV, MP3, WMA, and OGG format!

Electronic Drum Pattern Editor
This drum programming software is perfect for those who like to have acoustic guitar jams. Just program what kind of beat that you want and hit play. You will be amazed at the quality of the sound...as though there was a drummer sitting in with you! It works just as well with electric instruments if you use powered speakers or just run it through your P.A. System.

You can save an unlimited amount of custom drum and percussion tracks, or program a measure or two, and loop it to play over and over for as long as you desire. It also has other percussion sounds such as bells, chimes, maracas, and much more. The next time that your drummer doesn't show up, tell him/her that they are being replaced with something that doesn't talk as much, and keeps better time.

It's time to do what you know you should have done a long time ago....record the percussion track that you have in the back of your mind with this Electronic Drum Software program, because you can't seem to communicate to another person the sound you are looking for. Download and get started now!

Drum Beats Software just $39.95 Add to Cart

You can try out this outstanding drum software for free! There is no risk or obligation. If you choose to keep it, you can order from within the program itself! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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